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Laser Hair Removal in Akron, OH

Unwanted body hair can require constant shaving and waxing to control. Oftentimes a better solution is laser hair removal performed by Dr. Steven Carp, M.D., F.A.C.S., of Carp Cosmetic Surgery Center. Serving the patients of Akron, Cleveland, Canton and the surrounding areas, Dr. Carp’s practices is conveniently located in Green and Beachwood, OH.

A technology now exists that allows you to rid yourself of unwanted hair. Shaving, tweezing, waxing, or chemical depilatories can be a thing of the past. This technology is LightSheer ™ – a hair removal system that works gently, quickly, and reliably.

LightSheer ™ uses a non-invasive laser beam to focus laser energy into your skin, terminating unwanted hair follicles. This technology helps remove hair safely from any area of your body, including your legs, arms, cheeks, underarms, back, nose, ears, chest, bikini line, and chest.

Carp Cosmetic Surgery Center’s LightSheer ™ system needs no topical anesthetics, and your treatment time is 75 percent shorter.

This safe and effective technology provides long-lasting results. LightSheer allows you to say “goodbye” once and for all to unwanted hair.

How LightSheer ™ Works

The LightSheer system works by generating and focusing highly concentrated laser energy into a handpiece that is cooled and placed against your skin. When the laser penetrates your skin, the pigment in your hair follicles absorbs it. Only a pulse lasting one fraction of a second is enough to vaporize the pigment. This means that LightSheer is able to target many follicles selectively at one time, terminating unwanted hair. Computers guide the process so that surrounding tissue is unaffected. LightSheer ™ sessions normally offer 80 percent reduction, plus or minus 20 percent regrowth that returns thinner, lighter, and finer.

LightSheer technology uses a special handpiece to protect and cool the skin throughout the procedure while focusing the laser energy on the root of the hair. This ensures that the entire process is safe, effective, and comfortable for people of all skin colors.

Laser Hair Removal in Akron, OH

Why Is Lightsheer ™ a Better Choice Than Electrolysis?

Carp Cosmetic Surgery Center recognizes that there are numerous advantages to the LightSheer ™ technology. Although electrolysis is quite popular for removing hair, it can be extremely uncomfortable and too slow. It involves the passage of electricity through a needle, destroying hair follicles hair by hair. The process may require months, or even years, of ongoing treatments to take out hair, even in small areas.

LightSheer ™ has the ability to terminate hundreds of hair follicles in under one second, while electrolysis can take up to one hour. The technology of LightSheer ™ offers fast, reliable, and relatively comfortable results.

What Does Treatment Involve?

LightSheer ™ offers hair removal as an in-office procedure. It can last anywhere from a few minutes to one hour, depending on the size of the treatment area. Dr. Carp begins by gently placing the handpiece next to your skin. Laser energy pulses are transmitted through this handpiece. At this point, you may experience a slight tingling sensation or mild sting that is usually not very uncomfortable. For sensitive body areas, a topical anesthetic is recommended.

You may resume your normal activities immediately after your treatment. Normally, we advise you to maintain a specialized skincare routine unique to your skin type after your treatment. You will also be advised to use sunscreen on treated areas that may experience sun exposure.

How Many Treatments Are Needed?

There is no one answer to this question because everyone’s situation is unique. We can tell you that at least four treatments will be required to disable follicles because the laser normally targets hair follicles in their active growth phase. Other factors include the density, resilience, and location of the treated hair.

Would I Make a Good Candidate for LightSheer ™ Hair Removal Treatment?

If you are self-conscious due to excessive amounts of hair on your body and strongly wish to have this hair removed or reduced, LightSheer ™ hair removal treatment may be right for you.

How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost?

Laser hair removal cost depends upon the individual needs of each patient, the overall treatment area size and the number of areas to be treated. Our consultation with you offers a good opportunity for you to discuss costs and payment options. We accept payment in the form of cash, checks, and most major credit cards. We also offer financing for your treatments.


Dr. Carp and his staff are absolutely wonderful!!! I can not believe the difference facial injections made in my appearance. Sassy is THE best. Could not be happier with the outcome. I have been to Dr. Carps office multiple times, having one major surgery performed by him to correct something another surgeon did. If you are thinking of getting a procedure done dont hesitate to call his office. You will be happy you did!!” – Melisea F.

Say goodbye to shaving and waxing once and for all with a laser hair removal package from Carp Cosmetic Surgery Center. Dr. Steven Carp, a board-certified plastic surgeon, performs laser hair removal treatments on patients throughout the Canton, Akron, Cleveland, Beachwood and Green, OH, areas. Contact us today!