Liposuction in Hudson, OH

After a person reaches their goal weight, specific regions of their body may still be disproportionate to others. Many times, people have more than an average amount of fat on their stomach, buttocks, and thighs, which makes it harder for them to get rid of through exercise and diet alone. A possible solution for removing fat in problem areas is liposuction. Dr. Steven Carp can safely perform it on patients in Hudson.

What is Liposuction?

Liposuction is a minimally invasive medical procedure that consists of extracting extra fat from different parts of the body through suction. Most patients choose to have liposuction on their upper arms, abdomen, buttocks and thighs. This procedure can be performed by itself or in conjunction with another cosmetic treatment, like a face-lift or tummy tuck.

Benefits of Liposuction

Liposuction allows the body to change into a more appealing shape. It also helps to relieve problem areas and boost a patient’s self-confidence. Also, in some cases, you can get a tighter and firmer look with liposuction that exercise just can’t produce.

How Does Liposuction Work?

Liposuction is a fairly simple procedure that begins with a local anesthetic. Once the area is completely numb, a sequence of incisions is made in that specific area. A thin tube, also known as a cannula, is carefully slid under the skin at the incision points. Then, a vacuum-like machine is used to suck out the fat cells. When the procedure is done, the incisions will be closed and cleaned. The patient will most likely be able to go home directly after surgery.

Major advancements in the way liposuction are performed makes it a more appealing procedure because less downtime is needed like in years past. Patients in Hudson and the surrounding areas can find out how liposuction can benefit them by getting in touch with Dr. Steven Carp, M.D., F.A.C.S., at his popular Green, OH, clinic.