Restylane® Silk Akron, OH

Obtaining fuller, plumper lips becomes more difficult as a person ages. Sometimes, an added boost in the way of a Restylane® Silk injection is required to restore fullness and reduce wrinkles. Patients who are curious as to how Restylane® Silk works should visit Carp Cosmetic Surgery Center in Green or Beachwood, OH, to speak with Dr. Steven Carp, who proudly serves Akron, Cleveland and Canton-area patients.

What Is Restylane® Silk?

Restylane® Silk is the first and only FDA-approved lip enhancement treatment on the market. It’s specially formulated to provide fuller lips while also minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth, also known as smoker’s lines or perioral rhytids.

The Restylane® series of products consist of clear gels containing hyaluronic acid. Each is designed to act similar to the hyaluronic acid produced by your own body. This chemical works by boosting volume and filling out wrinkles and fine lines.

What Can Restylane® Silk Accomplish?

Restylane® can be used for the following:

  • Smoker’s lines – the vertical creases above the lip
  • Thin lips – giving you fuller lips that look natural

How Is Restylane® Silk Different Than the Other Restylane® Products?

Restylane® Silk consists of particles that are smaller and smoother than the ones found in Restylane®. This makes them ideal for providing subtle enhancement of lip volume while simultaneously reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles around the lips.

Similar to many other parts of the face, aging tends to be very obvious on the lips. Many times, this causes lips to become thin and less shapely and develop wrinkles that serve to exaggerate other signs of aging.

Restylane® Silk is an exclusive particle gel formula that offers patients a softer, younger appearance that looks and feels completely natural.

How Long Does Restylane® Silk Last?

In clinical trials, it was discovered that almost 60 percent of participants still had fuller lips six months after receiving Restylane® Silk.

Am I a Good Candidate for Restylane® Silk?

Anyone who desires fuller, natural-looking lips, and a more youthful face may be an ideal candidate for Restylane® Silk.

What Should I Expect With Treatment?

Following your consultation to discover whether Restylane® Silk is right for you, Dr. Carp will apply a topical anesthetic to your lips to minimize the procedure’s discomfort. Next, a very thin needle will be used to deliver the Restylane® Silk into your lips, the surrounding wrinkles or both. The treatment generally takes between 20 and 30 minutes, but this depends on each patient’s individual needs. After the procedure, you will be given an ice pack to help control swelling.

Dr. Carp starts with only a conservative amount to ensure that your results look as natural as possible. After purchasing an entire syringe of Restylane® Silk, you may come back to our office at any time for additional treatments. You won’t have to pay for more unless you’ve used what you’ve already purchased.

Many patients experience bruising, swelling, and discomfort around the injection sites. This is normal, and it should resolve on its own in a few days.

One week prior to your appointment, it’s important to avoid non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen and aspirin. Supplements such as St. John’s Wort and Vitamin E should also be avoided. These products thin the blood, which can lead to excessive bleeding and increased bruising.

What Can I Expect During Recovery from Restylane® Silk Injections?

You will be able to return to your job and regular daily activities immediately following your treatment. Most patients will experience a little discomfort, swelling, and bruising that lasts for a few days afterward. You can still use makeup to cover any redness or bruising. Using a cold compress is recommended as this will help control swelling. You can also apply Arnica Montana to the area to hasten the healing process.

What Is the Cost of Restylane® Silk?

The price of Restylane® Silk depends on how much treatment will be required to give you the best possible results. At Carp Cosmetic Surgery Center, we offer financing options and gladly accept personal checks, cash, and major credit cards.

Obtaining fuller, smoother lips is one way to turn back the clock without appearing artificial or “done.” Restylane® Silk injections performed by Dr. Steven Carp at his Green and Beachwood, OH clinics could be the answer for people in the Canton, Cleveland or Akron areas. Contact us today!