Tummy Tuck in Hudson, OH

As most people with excess flab around the abdomen know, the area is extremely difficult to tone and firm. When you add in abdominal surgery, weight loss or pregnancy, you can end up with sagging skin that just won’t go away no matter what you do. Patients living in or near Hudson should seek the help of Dr. Steven Carp. Carp Cosmetic Surgery Center can perform a tummy tuck to get rid of that unwanted flab.

What Is a Tummy Tuck?

Most commonly known as a tummy tuck, abdominoplasty is a procedure where the excess fat and skin in the abdominal region is removed. This will make the stomach flatter, which most people feel is more aesthetically pleasing. Tummy tucks may also restore the muscles in the abdominals that have become weak or separated.

Benefits of a Tummy Tuck

Tummy tucks are a relatively common cosmetic procedure performed on people who want to get rid of sagging skin, have experienced a weight loss and have a desire to reduce the size of their stomach. Researchers in Switzerland found that those individuals who had a tummy tuck after bariatric surgery had a higher chance of maintaining the weight loss than the patients who didn’t have the procedure done after their weight loss. Other benefits of a tummy tuck include:

  • Improvement in self-confidence
  • Safely used in conjunction with various other medical procedures, such as hernia surgeries
  • Leaves the abdomen more toned and tighter than before

How Is a Tummy Tuck Performed?

Tummy tucks are typically performed as an outpatient procedure in our office. Treatment at a hospital with overnight observation is generally recommended if multiple cosmetic procedures are being performed.

Patients undergoing a tummy tuck procedure at our clinic will typically have local anesthesia. For those having the procedure done at the hospital, general anesthesia is used. After the anesthesia has taken effect, the doctor will make a horizontal incision beneath the belly button. The doctor will carefully lift the skin, giving him access to the abdominal muscles, where he will make any repairs necessary.

The skin in the upper abdominal region will be pulled down and trimmed before the doctor stitches it back together. Because of this, the belly button will need to be repositioned. Finally, the doctor will suture the outer skin before covering the wounds with gauze and bandages.

Hudson residents don’t need to fret over a flabby tummy when they can contact Dr. Steven Carp. Dr. Carp and his knowledgeable staff can help determine if a tummy tuck is the right solution for you.