Personalized Plastic Surgery and MedSpa Care in Green, OH

Steven Carp, M.D., F.A.C.S. has more than 20 years of experience as a board-certified plastic surgeon. He is concerned about the comfort, safety, and satisfaction of all his patients and works hard to ensure that each patient has the best experience and is happy with the results of their surgery. As a well-known cosmetic enhancement expert, he works closely with his patients from the initial consultation through aftercare, using a warm, personalized approach. Dr. Carp understands that every person’s cosmetic and health goals are as unique as their personality, and that’s why so many residents in and around Akron, Cleveland and Canton visit the Carp Cosmetic Surgery Center in Green and Beachwood, Ohio.

Dr. Carp understands that the most powerful and pleasant results are achieved when patients have a full understanding of the plastic surgery process. For this reason, Dr. Carp works hard to establish a comfortable working relationship between himself and his patients. From breast enhancement and facial surgery procedures to body contouring and MedSpa services, Dr. Carp can help you achieve the results you desire. Each visit begins with a thorough consultation that outlines your short- and long-term goals, which allows Dr. Carp to tailor a procedure and/or treatment just right for you.

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Breast Enhancement

Are you one of the many women who are unhappy with their breasts? Do you not like the size, texture, or shape? Has pregnancy, drastic weight loss, or aging changed the way your breasts look and feel? If so, breast enhancement may be right for you. Breast augmentations and breasts lifts are procedures that can help women feel happy with the appearance of their breasts. These procedures are now more affordable than ever. Also, because of advancements in the technology used in connection with these procedures, there is usually very little downtime. Dr. Carp works closely with his patients, helping them define their goals and figure out the best option for their particular body type.

Body Contouring

Regardless of how much a person exercises or how well they eat, there may be certain issues that cause excessive fat or extra skin to remain around their body. There are a couple of different cosmetic procedures that can help individuals in this situation. Liposuction can help target certain problem areas. An arm lift, thigh lift, or tummy tuck can help eliminate sagging skin that results from pregnancy, the aging process, or weight loss. Carp Cosmetic Surgery Center uses the latest in body contouring technology to help individuals tone troublesome areas of their body.

Facial Surgery

The main thing that people see when they look at you is your face. Your face should reflect your natural beauty and inner radiance. Unfortunately, many individuals are disappointed when they look in the mirror. They may see signs of premature aging, injury, or sun damage. We offer state-of-the-art facial surgery procedures that can help you restore or improve your appearance. Because of advancements in technology, individuals experience less discomfort and less recovery time.

MedSpa Services

Dr. Carp will use his expertise to help you rejuvenate your skin and tackle issues such as acne, wrinkles, and age spots. He will help you find the right skincare products for your skin type and help you enhance your natural beauty. He offers complimentary consultations and medical skin care lines uniquely designed for each patient.

We are proud to offer customized personal care to each one of our clients and help them meet their aesthetic goals. Here at the Carp Cosmetic Surgery Center, we are excited to offer residents of Canton, Cleveland and Akron a complimentary consultation. Contact our offices here in Green or Beachwood, Ohio today.

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