Brow Lift Before and After Pictures in Akron, OH

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Located in Green and Beachwood, Ohio, Carp Cosmetic Surgery Center, led by board-certified plastic surgeon Steven S. Carp, M.D., F.A.C.S, performs brow lifts for patients in and around Akron, Cleveland and Canton.

Older patients between the ages of 40 and 60 frequently request a brow lift that will improve their facial appearance by repairing their drooping eyebrows. Raising the eyebrows with a surgical procedure performed by Dr. Steven Carp leads to a refreshed look that reduces fine lines located on the forehead. This procedure is performed alone or in combination with other facial surgeries.

A brow lift can create a more youthful appearance for patients who feel self-conscious about their facial appearance. Because the eyes are the first thing that others notice, sagging skin tissue in this region of the face can make someone look tired all of the time. Dr. Carp may also recommend repairing the upper or lower eyelids during the same surgery.

The preferred surgical method for performing a brow lift is with an endoscope with an attached camera to make the process less invasive. Small tools are inserted through the tube to reach the underlying tissue to tighten muscles and tendons to reduce wrinkles and lift the brows. Please enjoy these brow lift before and after pictures of real patients of Dr. Carp.

*Brow Lift Case 1

Brow Lift Case 16

*Brow Lift Case 2

Brow Lift Case 1

*Brow Lift Case 3

Brow Lift Case 2

*Brow Lift Case 4

Brow Lift Case 3

*Brow Lift Case 5

Brow Lift Case 4

*Brow Lift Case 6

Brow Lift Case 5

*Brow Lift Case 7

Brow Lift Case 6

*Brow Lift Case 8

Brow Lift Case 7

*Brow Lift Case 9

Brow Lift Case 8

*Brow Lift Case 10

Brow Lift Case 9

*Brow Lift Case 11

Brow Lift Case 10

*Brow Lift Case 12

Brow Lift Case 11

*Brow Lift Case 13

Brow Lift Case 12

*Brow Lift Case 14

Brow Lift Case 13

*Brow Lift Case 15

Brow Lift Case 14

*Brow Lift Case 16

Brow Lift Case 15

If you live in or around Akron, Cleveland or Canton, Ohio and are looking for a board-certified plastic surgeon to perform a brow lift, contact Dr. Carp at the Carp Cosmetic Surgery Center in Green or Beachwood today to set up an appointment.