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Real Patient Gallery

Bodybuilder & Weightlifter Pictures

Serious, competitive bodybuilders and weightlifters in and around Akron, Cleveland and Canton, both men and women, are increasingly turning to Steven Carp, M.D., F.A.C.S., and Carp Cosmetic Surgery Center of Green and Beachwood, OH, to give themselves a supercharged competitive edge and to avoid the aesthetic or cosmetic risks that can be associated with the training required by aggressive bodybuilders and weight lifters, which can often result in the loss of natural body fat.

*Real Patient Gallery


Intense bodybuilding training has many benefits for the body, and the sheer ability to sculpt one’s physique through hard training and a strategic diet can leave you looking totally ripped and shredded, in terms of your musculature’s striation and overall balance in your physique. You can’t simulate the finely honed muscle mass and the balanced development throughout the entire physique that these competitive professionals have cultivated through their hard work and dedication, mixed with tremendous investments of time at the gym and a whole lot of sweat and effort. But, sometimes there are aesthetic or cosmetic challenges or tradeoffs that bodybuilders uniquely face, and this is where Dr. Carp comes in to provide the world-class level of skilled surgical support that these athletes need to look their very best in all parts of their lives.

As you can see from our real patient gallery of serious bodybuilders and weightlifters who have received treatment from Dr. Carp, the impressive body of a dedicated bodybuilder can sometimes be made even better in terms of appearance with talented surgical intervention from Dr. Carp. Many female bodybuilders can tend to lose the body fat and breast tissue that provides the lift and support required for their breasts to project a natural female form, and as a result, they turn to Dr. Carp for breast augmentation.

Dr. Carp is uniquely skilled at helping female bodybuilders as he has particular expertise in placing implants above the pectoralis muscle, which for women bodybuilders is vitally important, both for the sake of the most natural appearance of the breast implants, but also because muscle movement can otherwise result in implants shifting laterally on the chest wall. Similarly for men who are bodybuilders, Dr. Carp is able to help them sculpt and hone their appearance even further in a variety of different ways, from calf implants for an extra boost, or facial implants to improve their appearance of rugged masculinity. Take the time today to review our before and after pictures of real patients of Dr. Carp, then contact us now to set up your consultation.