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Breast Augmentation in Akron, OH

Some women have naturally small breasts that make them feel self-conscious. Others may lose volume over time due to pregnancy, weight loss, or aging.  The use of breast implants is a safe and effect way to  increase breast size.  These procedures can be performed on patients in the Akron, Cleveland and Canton area by Dr. Steven Carp of Carp Cosmetic Surgery Center in Green and Beachwood, OH.

What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular aesthetic surgeries in the United States. Breast augmentation surgery is a procedure that enhances the fullness, shape, or size of a woman’s breast. For many women, it boosts self-esteem and has a positive effect on body image. Breast augmentation helps improve the contours of women who believe their breasts are not large enough.

Along with enlarging breasts, augmentation can also correct other issues. Augmentation corrects breasts that are different sizes, fixes post-pregnancy reduction in breast volume and reconstructs breasts after a mastectomy. Women often have breast augmentations and tummy tucks performed at the same time. Combining the two procedures is often referred to as a Mommy Makeover. Breast augmentation is one of the most common procedures performed by Dr. Carp, who has placed thousands of implants.


Breast Augmentation in Akron, OH
Breast Augmentation in Akron, OH

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Breast Augmentation in Akron, OH

Who Are the Best Candidates for Breast Augmentation?

Having a breast augmentation can play an instrumental role in improving how a person looks and can dramatically increase their self-esteem. People who have issues with their breast size or have certain breast conditions are ideal candidates for a breast augmentation procedure. An augmentation procedure might be right if you have any of the following characteristics.

  • You feel that your breasts are not large enough.
  • Changes in your weight have altered the shape and size of your breasts.
  • You are self-conscious when you wear tight tops and swimwear.
  • Clothing fits you perfectly around your waist but is too big around your bust line.
  • Having children has caused your breasts to lose their firmness and decrease in size.
  • Your breasts are different sizes.
  • It is important that the woman is in good health and has realistic expectations.

What is Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation?

Rapid recovery breast augmentation  results in  shorter downtime, less need for post-operative medications and quicker recovery to normal.

About the Procedure

The following information will help you understand more about the breast augmentation process and the results you should expect. While the information is meant to be useful, please keep in mind that it does not answer every question. You need to consult Dr. Carp for answers to questions that deal specifically with your individual surgery.

1 Size

The most difficult part of surgical planning is selecting the right-sized implant. We ask our patients to view implant size by volume, not cup size. Referring to a particular cup size is not helpful because the garment industry does not have standard sizing. Patients need to have a visual understanding of cup sizes. The final implant size is selected based on the patient’s anatomy. Dr. Carp will also use the patient’s breast measurements as a means of choosing an implant size. In addition, you will have 3D imaging of your breasts using Crisalix. This will provide a visual example of your goal.

2 Implant

Silicone gel or saline are the two choices of implants. Both have a silicone shell, with the differences being the material used to fill them. Most implants use silicone gel. Silicone implants feel and look more realistic. Silicone gel has less rippling than saline-filled implants. As of now, there are no substantiated health risks associated with saline or silicone gel.

3 Pocket

Dr. Carp creates a pocket at the incision site. The pocket is usually underneath the chest wall (pectoral muscle) or placed behind the breast tissue. When the pocket is placed behind the chest wall, it is called a subpectoral placement. Putting the pocket behind the chest wall is the most common placement method.

4 Incision

Dr. Carp places the incision in the armpit or underneath the breast at the inframammary crease. The inframammary crease is located where the lower edge of the breast meets the chest wall. By placing the incision at this location, it is well hidden and provides the physician with the best access to the breast.

Most breast augmentations are performed as an outpatient procedure. Patients receive a general anesthetic. Unlike with a local anesthetic, a general anesthetic does not require injections in the breast and chest. General anesthesia is safe for patients. Most people who undergo a breast augmentation have a fast recovery and experience a high level of comfort afterward.

Feel the Difference

FDA Approved MENTOR® Silicone Gel Implants

Dr. Carp uses  implants from multiple manufacturers.  However, he mostly uses MENTOR®  breast implants. The FDA’s approval gives women who want a natural shape and a younger-feeling breast enhancement more implant options.  More recently the FDA has approved highly cohesive silicone gel implants. These silicone gel filled implants are less likely to leak and are better at retaining their shapes.

Types of Breast Implants

The type of breast implant you will receive is determined by several factors. At your consultation, Dr. Carp will speak with you about your preferences and what to expect from your augmentation. Your body mass and frame will also affect the implant type. Some of the other factors in the decision include the amount of breast tissue and your goals from the surgery. Regardless of the implant type, they all have an outer shell (lumen) comprised of silicone rubber.

1 Saline Breast Implants

Sterile salt water is used to fill these implants. They are filled during the procedure, allowing Dr. Carp to make minor adjustments to the implant’s size.

2 Silicone-Filled Breast Implants

These implants are the ones most commonly used. They are filled with a soft, elastic gel. Unlike saline implants, silicone gel implants are pre filled. The surgery may require a longer incision to place the implant.

Scientific evidence shows that saline and silicone gel implants are safe. The surgical techniques used are constantly evolving to make breast augmentation surgery safer and more reliable. To find out more about the safety of the procedure, you should consult Dr. Carp.

Breast enhancement is a common and straightforward procedure. Every surgical procedure has its potential risks and complications. Breast enhancement procedures are no exception and have their own set of complications.

No evidence supports the idea that breast implants affect fertility, pregnancy, or the ability to breastfeed. However, if you are nursing an infant within the year prior to the surgery, you might produce milk for a couple of days afterward.

It is a possibility that the breast implants may rupture. If the implant is saline-filled, the body absorbs the salt water. The salt water is harmless.

No evidence has substantiated the claims that breast implants are a cause of breast cancer. However, having implants may have an effect on how breast cancer is detected. When you have a mammogram, use a radiology lab that has technicians experienced in x-raying a breast with implants. The radiologist may need additional views.

Breast Augmentation in Akron, OH

Breast Augmentation Videos

Planning Your Breast Augmentation Surgery

During your initial consultation, Dr. Carp will assess your health and explain the surgical techniques that are appropriate for you. Your skin’s elasticity and the condition of your breasts will determine the technique.  Breast augmentation involves sorting through many options.  Working to find a look with fuller breasts and fitting with your body, personal preferences, and lifestyle.

    Honestly discuss your expectations for the surgery. Dr. Carp will suggest the alternatives, limitations, and risks of each technique.

    Preparing for Your Breast Augmentation Surgery

    Before the surgery, you will receive a set of instructions to help you prepare. The instructions will give recommendations on behaviors such as smoking, eating, and drinking. They will also offer advice on vitamin and medication usage.

    Please arrange to have someone drive you to and from the surgery. If necessary, have someone assist you for a few days after the procedure.

    Body Building and Breast Implants

    Intense bodybuilding with weight lifting, especially if associated with steroid use, may result in an undesirable appearance. Both male and female bodybuilders are increasingly seeking cosmetic surgery to address such concerns.

    Women who exercise, especially bodybuilders often experience a reduction in body fat and hormone changes that result in a lack of breast tissue. To help maintain the female form, many bodybuilders are candidates for breast augmentation. For serious bodybuilders, implants are placed above the pectoralis muscle, due to the fact that the muscle movement may result in implants shifting laterally on the chest wall.

    How Much Does a Breast Augmentation Cost?

    A breast augmentation is considered to be elective, so most insurance providers won’t cover the costs. To help make breast augmentation more affordable and accessible for everyone, Carp Cosmetic Surgery Center offers financing options. We also accept cash, personal checks, and major credit cards.


    "I just recently had a breast augmentation done by Dr. Carp. I would highly recommend him and his staff! They were all great from my consult, pre op, surgery day to the post op appointment. I cannot say enough great things about my nurse who was with me before and after surgery. She was so caring and made me feel relaxed. I was not anxious at all before surgery. My surgery went very well and my recovery has been pain free. I am healing well and so excited for the final results." - JENNIFER P.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are gummy bear implants?

    Gummy bear implants got are silicone breast implants that got their name from their signature teardrop shape and firm, cohesive silicone gel filling. Gummy bear implants have become a popular choice with breast augmentation patients over the years for their ability to best mimic the look and feel of a natural breast.

    How long does breast augmentation take?

    Breast augmentation typically takes about an hour to an hour and a half to complete. During this time, you will be put under anesthesia and Dr. Carp will make a precise, discrete incision along the natural fold of the breast through which he will introduce the breast implant.

    How do you choose a breast implant size?

    The best way to choose a breast implant size is to talk to Dr. Carp. He’ll sit down with you, listen to your concerns and present you with breast implant options that best match your budget, lifestyle and ultimate cosmetic goals. In addition, you will have the opportunity for 3D imaging using the Crisalix system.

    Can breast implants last a lifetime?

    While breast augmentation using breast implants is a long-term solution to getting bigger, shapelier breasts, the breast implants themselves do not necessarily last forever. We recommend getting your breast implants evaluated periodically, understanding that there is the possibility that you may benefit from replacing them.

    Is breast augmentation painful?

    While there will be some swelling, soreness, bruising and change in sensation following your breast augmentation, Dr. Carp and his team work to make you as comfortable as possible during your recovery. This includes a thorough set of post-operative care instructions and follow-up appointments to help you throughout your healing. Most patients do not require opiods after surgery.

    If increasing the size of your breasts is something you desire, contact Dr. Steven Carp, M.D. F.A.C.S., at his Green or Beachwood, OH clinics. He has safely performed breast augmentation on a number of Akron, Cleveland and Canton area patients and would welcome the opportunity to serve you as well.