Body Lift Before and After Pictures in Akron, OH

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Located in Green and Beachwood, Ohio, Carp Cosmetic Surgery Center, led by board-certified plastic surgeon Steven S. Carp, M.D., F.A.C.S, performs body lift surgery for patients in and around Akron, Cleveland and Canton.

Those struggling with poor self-esteem and a lower sense of worth might find that a body lift is a possible solution to their troubles. A body lift is a cosmetic surgery procedure that allows doctors to remove the excess, saggy, or loose skin all over the body. Suitable for both men and women, the procedure allows them to feel better about themselves.

Dr. Carp can perform a lift on a single part of the body or multiple parts of the body in one appointment. Many patients complain about the loose and saggy skin on their abdomens, buttocks, and thighs. Dr. Carp can also perform a body lift in and around the groin area, which can make the area look tighter and younger. This is a good option for those who lost a significant amount of weight and for those with poor elasticity in their skin. Though it does not remove excess fat, some patients may opt for liposuction followed by a body lift.

Patients remain asleep and numb during the procedure, which allows the doctor to perform the lift without the patient feeling any discomfort. Check out the before and after pictures from former patients to see the results of a body lift on real patients.

*Body Lift Case 1

Body Lift Case 1

*Body Lift Case 2

Body Lift Case 2

*Body Lift Case 3

Body Lift Case 3

*Body Lift Case 4

Body Lift Case 4

*Body Lift Case 5

Body Lift Case 5

*Body Lift Case 6

Body Lift Case 6

*Body Lift Case 7

Body Lift Case 7

If you live in or around Akron, Cleveland or Canton, Ohio and are looking for a board-certified plastic surgeon to perform a body lift, contact Dr. Carp at the Carp Cosmetic Surgery Center in Green or Beachwood today to set up an appointment.