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Thigh Lift in Akron, OH

The thighs are a problem area for many people because they often do not slim down significantly through weight loss or exercise. In fact, some exercises actually increase the size of your thighs and make wearing shorts or skirts uncomfortable. Drooping skin on the thighs can also cause problems and make you appear older than you really are. In these instances, Dr. Carp performs thigh lifts at his Green and Beachwood, OH clinics, which also serves patients from Canton, Cleveland and Akron.

You could be a candidate for a thigh lift with only a minimal incision if you have only a moderate amount of fat and excess skin in the inner thigh area but have adequate skin elasticity. Larger amounts of fat will require bigger incisions. In the most severe cases of excess fat and hanging skin, a circumferential incision could be required. You may want to postpone a thigh lift if you anticipate losing a lot of weight or becoming pregnant. Waiting until after these events will give you optimum results.

After having a thigh lift procedure, many patients notice an immediate improvement in their self-confidence. Additionally, many patients have more access to different styles of clothing and become less self-conscious at the beach, pool, or gym.

Thigh Lift in Akron, OH

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Thigh Lift in Akron, OH

Planning Your Thigh Lift

During your consultation, Dr. Carp will ask about your medical history, allergies, medications, prior procedures, and your reasons for seeking plastic surgery. It is vital that you provide a thorough medical history because it helps us prevent complications from arising while you are under our care. Also, ensure that you mention any herbal or vitamin supplements that you take since they can affect your blood pressure and ability to clot blood. Being honest about your alcohol and tobacco use is also important because these substances can have a significant impact on your ability to heal.

Dr. Carp will also talk to you in depth about the procedure and its benefits. We encourage you to bring your spouse, partner, relative, or friend to the consultation. When the consultation concludes, our patient coordinator will meet with you and give you an estimate of how much the thigh lift will cost. You will also have the option to schedule an appointment at this time. If you would like to wait and talk more about the surgery, Dr. Carp will be happy to meet with you again because he realizes the importance of this decision.

The Thigh Lift Procedure

The length of your thigh lift surgery will vary depending on how severe your condition is and how much needs to be corrected. Generally, however, it takes three to six hours. After the proper anesthesia is given, Dr. Carp will make the necessary incisions to remove excess fat and skin.

Depending on your improvement goals, the incision could extend only part-way or all the way around the thigh in the crease of your groin (between the thigh and the trunk). Next, he will separate your skin from the muscle and fat by pulling the skin upward. The excess skin is removed as well, and the remaining skin is stretched back into place.

Dr. Carp will close the incisions with small stitches and use bandages to cover the area. A small drainage tube could be inserted into the skin and remain for several days to remove excess fluid from the area.

After Your Thigh Lift

Unless you only want a minor lift, thigh lift surgery must be conducted as an inpatient procedure. For more than the simplest lift, you will remain hospitalized for at least one night after the surgery. Some patients decide to stay for multiple nights. You do not want to put undue stress on the incisions during the first few days of recovery.

Getting Back to Normal

When you are discharged from the hospital, a relative or friend needs to be there to take you home. Dr. Carp will prescribe medication and antibiotics for you, but most patients can switch to Tylenol after three or four days. It is unsafe to drive within 24 hours of taking medication because your alertness or reflexes might be affected.

Plan to go easy on your body after the thigh lift, and wear the compression garment for three weeks. You can lift up to 10 pounds in each hand for the first six weeks, but you should avoid vigorous exercise for four to six weeks. Within several days after surgery, Dr. Carp will remove any drainage tubes.

Thigh Lift in Akron, OH

Types of Anesthesia

You may receive either a general or local anesthesia, based on the surgical plan that you develop with Dr. Carp.

How Much Does a Thigh Lift Cost?

Thigh lifts are considered to be elective, so most insurance providers won’t cover the costs. To help make thigh lifts more affordable and accessible for everyone, Carp Cosmetic Surgery Center offers financing options. We also accept cash, personal checks, and major credit cards.

Your New Look

You will immediately see an improvement in the contour of your thigh, but the shape will keep improving in the weeks that follow as the swelling dissipates. Starting the day after your surgery, you should be up and walking to prevent blood clots from forming in your legs. You will experience some leg soreness for several days, but this will subside quickly. It should only take several days for you to resume your everyday activities, and it should take about four to six weeks for you to return to normal physical activity.

Dr. Carp knows that every patient has unique aesthetic desires and needs. This is why he develops an individual treatment plan for each thigh lift, arm lift, tummy tuck, and liposuction patient. When patients require more comprehensive surgical approaches, Dr. Carp may recommend that they undergo a combination of post-bariatric  plastic surgery procedures or a lower body lift.


“I previously had a medial thigh tuck and implants from Dr. Carp in 2016, so now I went back for a Lateral Thigh Tuck on Thursday. I am just now able to shower and see the work. Very impressed. He did exactly what I was wanting. I absolutely love it. I would never go anywhere else. Best plastic surgeon in Ohio. Love love love how it turned out. 💓 The surgical team was very friendly as well.” – Monica M.

Don’t despair if your thighs are flabby or have sagging skin. A thigh lift coupled with the right diet and exercise program can give you the results you desire. Patients from Akron, Cleveland and Canton may schedule a consultation with Dr. Carp at his Green and Beachwood, OH clinics to learn more. Contact us today!