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Kybella in Akron, OH

Located in Green and Beachwood, OH, Carp Cosmetic Surgery Center offers Kybella™ to the residents of Canton, Cleveland, Akron and the surrounding areas who want to eliminate their “double chin” in a non-surgical way.

What is Kybella™? How does it work?

Kybella™ contains deoxycholic acid, a synthetic form of a naturally occurring substance in your body. It is a nonsurgical and FDA-approved treatment for destroying fat cells at the injection site and enhancing the area on your upper neck. Kybella™ injections decrease the appearance of hanging fat that causes the “double chin” and prevents the cells from storing additional fat.

Why choose Kybella™?

According to surveys, 8 of 10 people who have a double chin feel insecure about their frontal appearance and profile. Unfortunately, stored chin fat does not go away with exercise or an improved diet and often becomes more noticeable as you age and your skin loses its firmness.

Many people who would like to improve their appearance avoid seeking help because of the traditional procedures involved, such as liposuction. With Kybella™, you can now improve your facial appearance with minimal recovery time and no surgery. If you have put off seeking help due to a fear of invasive procedures and painful recovery times, Kybella™ provides a nonsurgical option for removing excess chin and upper neck fat and improving your overall appearance and profile.

How many treatments are required? What should I expect?

The number of Kybella™ injection treatment sessions may vary depending on your specific goals. On average, patients may require between 12 and 20 Kybella™ injections; however, some patients may require more depending on the severity of fat below their chin area. These treatment sessions would take place in two or more office visits every other month. A single treatment takes approximately 15 minutes and is performed in office.

Most trial patients experienced significant results after a few sessions. Treatments will then either stop or continue depending on the overall appearance that you are trying to achieve. Once you have reached your goal, you would no longer need additional treatments since the fat will not return. The doctor will help you decide how many treatments that you would need for your desired look.

Can Kybella™ melt fat from other parts of the body?

Although Kybella™ injections do wonders for melting fat in the chin area, they are not currently approved for use in treating excess fat in other areas of the body, such as the arms and thighs. Clinical evidence has shown some benefits of using Kybella™ for reducing fat storage under the eyes, but those treatment procedures could pose safety risks. Further research will help determine whether Kybella™ or another noninvasive treatment method would diminish excess fat in other areas.

Kybella in Akron, OH

Kybella™ isn’t approved for sagging skin, but will it still help?

Kybella™ is designed to melt away fat in the upper neck and chin areas; it does not address the problems associated with sagging skin. However, in some clinical trials, participants reported a tightening effect in the treated areas as a result of having less fat.

How Much Does Kybella™ Cost?

Cost will vary depending on the number of injections sites per session. Insurance will generally not cover Kybella™ injections, but here at Carp Cosmetic Surgery Center, we offer different payment methods for our patients. You can pay by check, cash, debit card or credit card. We also offer financing for patients who qualify.


“This is the Mrs who goes to Dr Carp. Staff is super friendly and appointments to fit your needed. Love the services I receive from Dr Carp. I don’t just trust anyone with face. Very skilled and knowledgeable. Highly recommend.” – Leo C.

Kybella® is the only non-surgical treatment for the elimination of fat underneath the chin. In you live in the areas of Canton, Cleveland or Akron, please contact the Green or Beachwood, OH offices of the Carp Cosmetic Surgery Center today for a consultation and learn how this FDA-approved treatment can make a difference in your look!