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Facial Surgery in Akron, OH

Signs of aging tend to become more prevalent on your face. Since your face is the first thing people see, eliminating signs of aging around your eyes, nose, forehead, and mouth is the best way to appear younger. In Green and Beachwood, OH, Carp Cosmetic Surgery Center is the go-to clinic for patients from Akron and Canton who desire facial surgery to help them turn back the clock.

What Is Facial Surgery?

Facial surgery is any procedure performed on the face or neck to give it a more pleasing appearance. Some procedures are designed to correct disfigurements or deformities that have been caused by disease or injury. Others are used to give a person a more youthful look. In the majority of cases, facial surgery is targeted to one particular area of the face. This means that multiple procedures may be needed to give the face a more uniform appearance.

Some of the most common facial surgeries include the following:

Facial Surgery in Akron, OH
Facial Surgery in Akron, OH

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Facial Surgery in Akron, OH

Benefits of Facial Surgery

The following benefits are usually enjoyed by individuals who have undergone facial plastic surgery:

  • Improved facial contours
  • Looking and feeling younger and more refreshed
  • Less sagging of the skin
  • A boost of self-confidence
  • Tighter facial muscles

Who Should Have Facial Surgery?

Each person has his or her own reasons for undergoing facial surgery. For the most part, individuals who are bothered by their appearance, especially those affected by facial deformities, may be interested in facial surgery procedures. Reasonable expectations and a positive attitude will help people who are interested in facial surgery achieve the best results.

How Much Do Facial Surgery Procedures Cost?

Facial surgery procedures are considered to be elective, so most insurance providers won’t cover the costs. To help make facial surgery procedures affordable and accessible for everyone, Carp Cosmetic Surgery Center offers financing options. We also accept cash, personal checks, and major credit cards.


“Had a consultation with Dr Carp today for a surgery I been wanting done for absolute years, a rhinoplasty, it’s been so hard for me to even look at myself in pictures or looking to the side without feeling self conscious. I went to Dr Carp few years back for a breast augmentation in which he did amazing! So, this time going back to him after seeing several other drs for consults he still won me over, I was just so comfortable and the ladies that work there are so kind and helpful and understanding. Dr Carp came in told me exactly what he going to do in great detail and made me feel once again like I’m in good hands, no worries. I appreciate everyones time there! Thank you so much! Looking forward to my procedure in a few short months!!☺️💕” – AMANDA W.

Is Facial Surgery Covered by Insurance?

When a person undergoes facial surgery to help correct deformities, insurance may cover the procedure. However, when it is performed for cosmetic purposes, most insurance companies do not pay for surgery. The type of insurance you have and your reasons for having surgery will affect whether or not you will receive coverage.

At your initial consultation, we will look at all of the possibilities available for your particular circumstances. We will also discuss payment and financing options to make facial surgery procedures as affordable as possible.

Facial surgery is uniquely tailored to meet your individual needs. A successful outcome depends on the skill of your surgeon, which is why people from around Cleveland, Canton and Akron trust Dr. Steven Carp to perform their procedures. Find out more by contacting Carp Cosmetic Surgery Center in Green or Beachwood, OH, to schedule a consultation.