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Can Plastic Surgery Make My Eyes Bigger?

The eyes are the focal point of the face. They’re what people look at when they speak to one another. Furthermore, they’re the first thing people see when they look at you. But, what do your eyes say about you? Do they say that you’re tired? Do they say that you’re aging? Do they say that you’re angry? Often, the eyes may not say what you may wish others to know or think. Even worse, they may not look how they once appeared or how you want them to at all. But, while there may not be a plastic surgery procedure which works to literally make the eyes bigger, there are cosmetic surgery methods to make them appear bigger, younger, and less tired.

Eye Enlargement with the Eyelid Surgery

The most common surgical procedure utilized to make the appearance of the eyes seem larger is the eyelid surgery. During this surgery, excess skin, muscle, and fat cells are removed from both above and below the eyes. The result is a younger, less-tired looking patient. So, those struggling with sagging eyelids as a result of aging or genetics can benefit from the results of this surgery.

Eye Enlargement with the Brow Lift

The brow lift surgery, or forehead lift, is another way to achieve the appearance of bigger, plumper eyes. Typically, it’s performed on people who wish to reduce the appearance of aging as skin from the forehead may have repositioned with age. As a result of this aging, the skin around the eyes may have started to sag or droop. And, the lifting of the brow once again allows the eyes to appear wider and brighter.

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While either procedure can help to provide the appearance of bigger eyes, those who aren’t struggling with a drooping brow won’t benefit from eyelid surgery. On the contrary, those struggling with puffy eyelids may not benefit from a brow lift. And, even further, some patients may benefit from the use of both an eyelid surgery and a brow lift combined. In the end, the only way to tell which procedure may be best for the results you’re looking for is to consult with an experienced plastic surgeon.

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