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CoolSculpting® vs. SmartLipo™

If you have stubborn fat deposits in your midsection that don’t seem to go away with dieting and exercise CoolSculpting® from board-certified physician Dr. Steven Carp could be the solution for you. Patients from Akron, Canton, Cleveland, Beachwood or Green, OH, are encouraged to contact Carp Cosmetic Surgery Center to find out more.


What is CoolSculpting®?

CoolSculpting® is a cosmetic procedure that safely eliminates stubborn fat by freezing it away from targeted problem areas along the body. The procedure is conducted using cryolipolysis, a technique that employs cold temperatures to freeze the deep layers of fat cells. These cells will slowly die, then be carried away and metabolized by the body. CoolSculpting® does not harm or affect the surrounding healthy skin and tissue, eliminating the risks associated with other more invasive surgeries. CoolSculpting® is non-invasive and requires no anesthesia or downtime.


What is SmartLipo™?

SmartLipo™ is laser-assisted liposuction, also known as laser lipolysis. SmartLipo™ is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that utilizes thermal laser energy to gently melt fat and remove it from the treatment area using suction. SmartLipo™ requires local anesthesia and sometimes general anesthesia depending on the patient.

CoolSculpting® vs. SmartLipo™: The Breakdown

There are several key differences between CoolSculpting® and SmartLipo™.


CoolSculpting® vs SmartLipo™ Procedure

CoolSculpting® is non-invasive, meaning that no incisions will be made, and no anesthesia will be used. There is no pain associated with the treatment and patients find the procedure to be very comfortable. A CoolSculpting® session generally takes under an hour depending on the size of the target areas. Some patients may require multiple sessions to achieve optimal results.


During SmartLipo™ local anesthesia will be applied to the target area and general anesthesia may be used if the patient desires. A small incision will be made in the target area, into which a small tube will be inserted. Thermal laser energy will be directed through this tube directly into the fat cells under the skin. The thermal energy heats and liquefies the target fat cells, which are then permanently removed via gentle suction. You will feel light pressure during the treatment, from the suction. A SmartLipo™ procedure takes about 1.5 to 2 hours depending on the size of the treatment areas.


CoolSculpting® vs. SmartLipo™ Recovery and Results

Patients will be able to return home the same day as the treatment and return to regular activities immediately. Since there is no pain associated with the treatment, the dead fat cells must be eliminated naturally by your body, and thus the results take longer to become apparent. Patients generally notice full results around 12 weeks after their last session. Results are permanent as long as patients maintain a healthy diet and regular exercise.


For most areas treated with SmartLipo™, you will have to wear a compression garment for three weeks post procedure to support your new body contours and minimize potential swelling. You will have swelling in and around the treatment area, which will dissipate over the course of several weeks. Some patients also experience minor bruising. You will be able to return to work and normal activities in two to four days and should expect to very sore and tender for a week or so. Strenuous activity like exercise should be avoided for at least 10 days following the procedure. Results will be fully visible in about four weeks and will continue to improve over the next three to six months. Results are permanent as long as patients maintain a healthy diet and regular exercise.


The Bottom Line

CoolSculpting® offers many benefits over similar treatments for getting rid of stubborn fat. It is non-invasive nature offers a quick recovery time and the ability to treat many areas on the body. These benefits make CoolSculpting® a very popular choice for patients who are apprehensive about going under the knife. Dr. Carp and his staff are experts in CoolSculpting® and can customize a treatment plan that will maximize your results.


If you think that CoolSculpting® may be right for you, patients in the Canton, Cleveland or Akon areas may learn more about the benefits by contacting Dr. Steven Carp at his Green or Beachwood, OH clinics.