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Get Ready for the Holidays with our MedSpa Favorites

Everyone wants to look and feel their best for the holiday season. Whether you have family coming to town or are putting together a holiday party you want to wow your guests at, there’s always a good excuse to pamper yourself this celebratory season. While you may not find the time for the planning and recovery that goes with more intensive plastic surgery options, our medical spa services allow for surgery-free ways to enhancement. And, here at Carp Cosmetic Surgery Center, we offer a number of ways to not only pamper yourself to feel your best but to look your best this time of year too. Check out some of our most commonly used MedSpa services you can take advantage of before the holiday season is upon us.


With no recovery time and surgery-like results, more and more people are beginning to see the benefits of dermal fillers and injectables. These products are utilized for a number of benefits including smoothing lines and wrinkles, enhancing the shape and size of lips, and even reducing the appearance of excess fat around the neck.


For those want to reduce or rid the appearance of scarring from acne or even an accident, blotchy skin tone, freckles, fine lines, and wrinkles, dermabrasion is a great option. Basically, the procedure is performed by using surgical instruments to evenly remove the top few layers of skin. This allows the healing process to regrow new, healthy skin cells. But, since each patient must wait for new skin cells to regrow, it may take a few weeks to be able to confidently showcase new results.

Chemical Peels

Just like dermabrasion procedures, chemical peels work to remove the top layer of the skin. But, rather than utilizing surgical instruments, chemical peels use a type of chemical solution. Types of chemical peels vary. The type of chemical peel right for your desires depends on the results you’re expecting and the time you have for recovery.


This innovative technology utilizes ultrasound energy waves to penetrate areas of the skin affected by wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin due to aging. Basically, it works to stimulate natural collagen production, which is responsible for keeping the skin elastic and young-looking. With no downtime and immediate results, many patients see the results they want with Ultherapy® sessions.

Schedule Your MedSpa Favorite Treatment

Ready to schedule your MedSpa treatment and get ready to look your best for your holiday plans? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Carp to talk about our MedSpa treatments and what may be best for your desired results. Carp Cosmetic Surgery Center of Green and Beachwood, Ohio is proud to serve the communities of Akron, Cleveland, Canton and surrounding areas.