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Is Eyelid Surgery Right for Me?

Serums, makeup, ice packs…you may have tried it all. But, no matter what you attempt, your baggy, puffy eyelids still make you look tired. For some, the drooping or swelling of either the top or bottom eyelid may come with age. For others, it’s genetic. And, for many struggling with this occurrence, it’s not just about appearances, it’s about comfort. Sagging eyelids can distort vision and even make people feel more tired than they really are. Fortunately, there is a surgical treatment which can help reduce bagginess and swelling of the eyelids. But, those who consider this procedure should make sure they are ideal candidates.

 Who is Qualified for Eyelid Procedure?

 First and foremost, those who are looking to reduce the appearance of crow’s feet, dark circles under the eyes, or even wrinkles won’t get the results they want with eyelid surgery. Typically, this type of procedure is specifically meant to adjust the appearance of sagging or puffy eyelids by removing excess fat, skin, and/or muscle.

Next, those who consider an eyelid surgery should consider their expectations. If you’re expecting a procedure to make you look like a different person, this surgery isn’t for you. But, it can definitely make those struggling with the appearance or functionality of their eyelids feel more comfortable. So, before choosing this treatment, make sure you are aware of what to expect by consulting with a plastic surgeon like Dr. Carp.

 Finally, other individuals unqualified for this type of procedure may include those diagnosed with high blood pressure, Grave’s disease, thyroid diseases, or heart diseases. While eyelid surgery is relatively simple, there are still some risks. And, those diagnosed with these disorders may be higher at risk for complications than others. Additionally, it’s a good idea for anyone considering this type of cosmetic procedure to have their regular, annual eye exam beforehand. This way, both your optometrist can let you know if you have dry eyes or another condition which may affect the outcome of eyelid surgery.

Find out if You’re a Good Candidate for Eyelid Surgery

 Sick of looking and feeling tired because of drooping, swollen eyelids? Dr. Carp has been performing eyelid surgery around Akron, Cleveland, and Canton, Ohio for many years. Our team can help to determine if you may be a good candidate for this surgery with a consultation. Schedule your consultation by contacting our practice now.