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Social Media – Anyone Can Post

Anyone Can Post.  While we all love social media, everyone should be aware of both the positive and negative impact social media may have.   Anyone can post , but are they being honest and ethical?  Are the procedures or treatments represented accurately?   How do you know?   Well, just like choosing your surgeon, do your own homework.  Just because the post looks nice and the individual appears to be qualified, does not mean it is so.  Anyone can post.  I see countless post by individuals showing results that are not realistic are not even aesthetically pleasing.  And unfortunately, many in the public begin to believe this is how they should look.  Just like a few decades ago when there was a lot of discussion about runway models and how they impact young women and their body image, the same is true with social media posts.  I see more and more people wanting, for example, lips that look ‘ridiculous’.  Too large, distorted.  Yet, because the one posting has gathered a large Instagram following, this becomes acceptable.  Anyone Can Post.  Be aware of what is aesthetically pleasing, what is realistic, and what is accurate.  Do your homework.  And yes, anyone can post….even me.