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The Importance of Plastic Surgery Consultations

Plastic surgery options provide a number of benefits and help with a number of debilitating or embarrassing aesthetic features. And, with improving technologies, many of these procedures now offer more affordable prices, reduction of healing time, and even reduced the risk of complication. But, before an appointment for a plastic surgery procedure can be made, an important but necessary plastic surgery consultation must be performed.

What is a Plastic Surgery Consultation?

Basically, a plastic surgery consultation is just a meeting between the plastic surgeon and the patient before the surgery date is set. During this consultation, both the doctor and the patient may gain important information regarding the surgical procedure. If you’re looking for a plastic surgeon in Green, Akron, Cleveland, or Canton, Ohio, expect for your initial visit to the plastic surgeon’s office to be a plastic surgery consultation.

Things a patient may learn during a consultation may include:

  • Which surgical procedure is right for them
  • How long a surgical procedure will take
  • Necessary requirements for the operation
  • If their expectations for surgery will be met
  • What to expect for recovery
  • If they are a good candidate for a specific surgery

Things a plastic surgeon may learn during a consultation may include:

  • A patient’s expectations following a surgical procedure
  • Concerns a patient may have regarding a plastic surgery operation
  • If a patient is eligible for a desired procedure based on medical history

Ready to Schedule Your Plastic Surgery Consultation?

While you may be excited and anxious to have your plastic surgery operation and show off your results, a plastic surgery consultation is imperative. And, you’ll be thankful you’ve had one. Basically, it’s the vital first step in the process in which you will have all of your questions answered. So, be prepared to ask all the questions you may have. If you know what you wish to ask about the plastic surgery procedure you want, you may be ready for your consultation.

Additionally, if you want to find out which procedure may be best for the results you want, it may also be the right time to schedule your initial plastic surgery consultation. To schedule to meet with Dr. Carp and begin the process of your plastic surgery operation with a plastic surgery consultation, contact us today.