Breast Augmentation in Canton, OH

Many women are born with small breasts that make them feel self-conscious and embarrassed as they go through life. For other women, their breasts change due to pregnancy, changes in weight or the aging process, and they wish they could change the look and feel of their breasts. Breast augmentation is a popular solution to alter the look and size of the breasts. Patients in Canton can undergo breast augmentation with the help of Dr. Steven Carp of Carp Cosmetic Surgery Center in Green, OH.

What Is a Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation surgery is a procedure that aims to increase a woman’s breast size and volume. During the procedure, a surgeon makes an incision in the area around a woman’s breast and places implants into the woman’s body, making the breasts look larger and firmer. The procedure only takes a few hours, with a recovery period of approximately two hours. The operation is usually performed on an outpatient basis, although some patients may need to stay in the hospital following the operation, depending on their own situation.

Benefits of Breast Augmentation

There are many benefits of undergoing breast augmentation. These benefits include:

  • Restored volume of the breasts following weight loss, pregnancy or aging
  • Improved self-esteem and confidence about physical appearance
  • Balanced breast size for some patients, with better fitting clothes and improved appearance
  • Improved look and feel of the breasts

How Is a Breast Augmentation Performed?

Breast augmentations are performed in a hospital, with patients placed under general anesthesia. Dr. Carp makes an incision near each breast where he will insert the implants. The location of the incision depends on several factors including the type of implants used and the patient’s breast tissue.

After Dr. Carp makes each incision, he creates a pocket for each implant. Depending on each patient’s unique situation, the pocket will be made either under the patient’s pectoral muscle (submuscular) or under the patient’s breast tissue and on top of the pectoral muscle (submammary).

After creating pockets, the doctor positions the implants and closes the incisions with layered sutures. The outer layer of skin is closed with sutures or surgical tape to complete the procedure. Dr. Carp’s skill and experience in performing breast augmentations have allowed numerous patients to feel better about their breasts.

If you are hoping to change the look and feel of your breasts, contact Dr. Steven Carp, M.D., F.A.C.S., at his Green, OH, office. Dr. Carp has successfully performed breast augmentation surgeries on many patients in the Canton area, and he is happy to help many others as well.