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Plastic Surgery in North Canton, OH

Some people in the North Canton area grow unhappy with their appearance as they get older. In other cases, people have tried to change their appearance through diet and exercise, with unsatisfactory results. Other people have experienced disfigurement due to a birth defect or injury. Plastic surgery provides an option for all these people to change their physical appearance and feel happier with the way they look. Dr. Steven Carp, M.D., F.A.C.S., helps patients who are unhappy with their appearance by performing plastic surgery procedures. Dr. Carp offers services to patients through his clinic, Carp Cosmetic Surgery Center, which is located in Green, OH.

What Is Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery includes numerous surgical procedures that are performed to improve physical appearance and increase patients’ confidence. To qualify for plastic surgery, patients must have a healthy psychological disposition, and should also have realistic expectations about the results that plastic surgery can offer them. Before undergoing any plastic surgery procedure, Dr. Carp can meet with and advise patients of possible procedures and the likely outcomes of each.

What Is a Typical Plastic Surgery Patient Like?

Although historically cosmetic surgery was reserved for the rich and famous, that’s no longer true. Plastic surgery patients have a wide variety of backgrounds and lifestyles. The one thing that plastic surgery patients have in common is a desire to change their physical appearance. Different patients have a variety of reasons for wanting to alter their appearance, whether it is motivated by a desire to improve their professional image, the goal of looking better for a special event or the hope of attracting a romantic partner.

Why Choose Plastic Surgery?

The decision to use plastic surgery is important and personal to each patient. Each patient should carefully consider both the pros and cons before making the decision to undergo a cosmetic surgery procedure. Some of the most common reasons patients decide to use plastic surgery include:

  • Improving their physical appearance
  • Reconstructing the breasts following a mastectomy
  • Restoring previous physical appearance following an accident
  • Changing the look of body parts that won’t change through a healthy diet and exercise regimen

If you have a desire to change your physical appearance, you may want to think about plastic surgery. Patients in North Canton can contact Dr. Steven Carp at his Green, OH, office to get more information.