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Prescription Weight Loss – Lose Weight in 2018

There are so many variables that go into losing weight. This can make it difficult to start losing weight, especially when you have to figure out a new diet and exercise routine that will completely change your lifestyle. To make it a little easier, you may want to consider prescription weight loss. These are products that are designed to help the body get used to the dietary demands of losing weight, and can put you on the right track for weight loss.

Feel Fuller with Less Calories

When it comes down to it, calories are responsible for weight loss and weight gain. Although everybody has different caloric requirements, it is essential to consume fewer calories than you are expending to lose weight. This can be tough, however, because with fewer calories, you may just be hungrier! Prescription weight loss products help decrease your appetite and feel fuller. This helps you avoid overeating and mindless snacking, which are two common causes of weight gain. By feeling fuller, you will eat less, reducing your calorie intake. This directly causes weight loss and can help you develop healthy eating habits.

Don’t Forget About Exercise and Food Habits

Prescription weight loss products are a great way to get started with weight loss and can aid you in developing healthy habits. Unfortunately, without regular exercise and eating nutritious foods, you may be at risk of regaining any weight you’ve lost. It is important to use prescription weight loss as a stepping-stone to a healthy lifestyle, and not as your only strategy for weight loss.

Is Prescription Weight Loss for You?

If you are considering prescription weight loss, contact Carp Cosmetic Surgery Center today! Dr. Carp can help you determine if it is the best method to help you lose weight, and answer any questions you might have. Patients in Akron, Cleveland, Canton and the neighboring areas are invited to call and schedule a consultation.