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Three Things Your Beachwood, OH, Plastic Surgeon Wished You Knew

It’s okay to come into your plastic surgery consultation with questions. In fact, many surgeons encourage patients to prepare for their consultation with questions they have about the procedures they are considering. These questions encourage conversation between patient and doctor, which is important for both parties. Still, there are a few things that your surgeon hopes for you to know in advance.

1. Much of Your Results Depend on You

It is a plastic surgeon’s job to perform surgery safely while fulfilling your treatment goals. The results from their job will be long-lasting, but only if they are cared for. It is a patient’s job to set realistic expectations for their treatment and maintain their results. Body contouring treatments, for example, can produce incredible results. However, these results will only last if the patient chooses to maintain healthy diet and exercise habits. You should be prepared to commit to any lifestyle change that is necessary to ensure the longevity of your results.

2. Scarring is (for the Most Part) Unavoidable

Although many treatments today offer results through non-invasive techniques, surgery is still a huge part of cosmetic procedures. Any time there is an incision, there will be a scar. Patients should not go into plastic surgery expecting to come out with no signs of surgery. However, we make every effort to make scars as small and hidden as possible. We often hide incisions in the natural folds of the body to minimize their appearance.

3. Don’t Get Plastic Surgery for Anybody but Yourself

Plastic surgery and other cosmetic procedures should be done to make you feel better about yourself, not to make others think more highly of you. If plastic surgery will make you feel more comfortable or more confident in your appearance, then it may be a good idea. However, we discourage patients from pursuing plastic surgery just to look like their favorite celebrity or to impress others.

Are You Considering Plastic Surgery?

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