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Top Minimally Invasive Body Sculpting Procedures

One of the most common reasons people visit plastic surgery offices is for body sculpting procedures. These procedures provide a way for patients to reduce body fat and improve their figure, sometimes even tightening the skin along the way. However, not all of these procedures are the same. Some, like liposuction, involve surgery and a lengthy recovery. To avoid this, patients may choose minimally invasive options that take a lesser toll on the body, while offering similar results. Here are some of the top procedures around.


Cellfina™ is a treatment specifically designed to reduce the appearance of cellulite, and doesn’t involve any surgery. It is also the only minimally invasive treatment for cellulite that has been cleared by the FDA. It’s an incredibly easy treatment that only requires a single appointment to achieve results. In fact, most patients begin to notice results immediately after treatment. Cellfina™ works by targeting the tissue that causes the visibility of cellulite to result in smooth, toned skin. This technique is used most often on the legs and buttocks, and can be a great alternative to liposuction.


Ultherapy® is a unique treatment that uses ultrasound technology to treat sagging and loss of volume in the skin. By stimulating collagen production in the body, you can take years off your appearance without any surgery. With Ultherapy®, you can achieve noticeable improvements after just one session. This is a totally non-invasive procedure and doesn’t result in any scarring or downtime. Ultherapy® is typically used on the face and neck areas, so it is a good non-surgical alternative to a facelift.

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